Writing Warm Up 15/09/2014

Dew dripped lazily from the charred fringe of grass that skirted the fresh crater puddles beyond the shelter door. Roana could still detect a slight, acrid tang in the unseasonably warm air as she emerged from her metal cocoon to survey the freshly churned field.

She didn’t expect to find anything. It had been weeks since she had seen anyone near the farmhouse. Most of her neighbours had…

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Writing Warm-up / Comic Stuff

Wednesday is here! Mid-week has arrived and it’s New Comic Book Day!

Of course, since I have to buy my comics on-line rather than in a store it will be a few days before I receive anything. But I can still be excited. Indeed, I may even have a new stash to look forward to when I get home seeing as I recently ordered the first (and, currently, only) seven issues of Ghost.

I have to admit, I was…

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Something I need to share

Last night I sat with my wife and children in my parent’s living room to watch Jumanji. A wonderful film in which Robin Williams plays a grown up who was sucked into a magical board game as a kid. His role is, by turns, both funny and poignant. But mainly hilarious.
If you haven’t seen the film, stop reading, go and watch it with the people you love, and then come back. You owe it to yourself.

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Proof of Life

Updates. I hate them.

There’s something incredibly presumptuous about writing an update. My main problem is that the very act of writing an update assumes that people should care. But why should people care? I haven’t written here in an age, and it’s not like anyone was hanging on my every word beforehand. My opinion just isn’t that important to complete strangers. Sad, but true. Also – obvious.

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A new print of Tessa Battle by the sublimely talented Dustin Nguyen is up on STORYKILLER.

This is available as a limited edition 11x17, signed and numbered (x/10) by Dustin. Gorgeous an an awesome edition to what is proving to be an absolutely stunning collection of art for this book!

Kickstarter ends on Thursday, so don’t delay!

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Hiatus http://wp.me/s28beE-hiatus

Time to state the obvious: This blog is on hiatus.

I am still writing a fair amount, but I reached the stage a couple of months ago where I realised that most of what I was writing was long form fiction. As such, it needs several drafts to reach a…

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Brazil alarm at UK terror detention

Brazil alarm at Heathrow airport terror detention as UK police abuse terror legislation to intimidate journalists. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-23750289

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I’m on autopilot at the moment. The last week has left me feeling completely drained, and the lack of consistent sleep is not helping matters. I’m still trying to work out why on earth I decided to start exercising again. I’m sure it seemed like a noble…

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